implementing SolR


I'm having a really hard time implementing SolR service in my elgg site.

I'm using the Elgg_solr plugin and tried two versions of it (2.1 from elgg and 2.2.6 from github)

I tried using two different versions of the SolR service (7.1 and 5.2 which worked for ura soul here :

I installed the service a couple of times and finally got to a state where i get no errors, but searching in my elgg site returns no results whatsoever, when plugin is deactivated search results are back to normal. that leads me to believe that SolR indeed works and "hijacked" the search but maybe it's not connected properly to the elgg DB.

I tried following all the steps in the project page here and on github i think i got it all but it's not impossible i missed something - would love to hear anything....

If someone added Solr recently (last year) please let know which versions of SolR/elgg_solr did you use

Thanks a lot!!

I'm running locally on a centos VM from windows

elgg site : /var/www/html/elgg/          url : localhost/elgg/

SolR service  : /var/solr/

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