Hotmail and outlook ignore all emails including registration attemps

For some time now emails from my site to and accounts disappear without a trace, despite not being on any blacklists.

I suspect it has to do with the sendmail.php function Elgg uses but this is just a guess.  Am I really the only one seeing this with outlook/hotmail?

  • Hi the FAQ which I had seen before does not really address my question since email is being sent to everyone Microsoft is just not delivering the messages to users for some reason and was wondering if anyone else experienced this or had suggestions beyond what is in the FAQ regarding setup errors.

  • Hi topdog08:

    I had that issue at some point in the past two months, and if I recall right, it was a problem related to DNS configuration, not with the email server itself. I remember that they respond to elgg's generated emails with an error and an URL, where they explained what to do to solve the problem. That URL was on the mail servers' logs.

    Also, check that your reverse DNS is configured and working fine, and that you have configured and defined the SPF records [1]

    This tool could help to debug your DNS problems, check your reverse DNS and your SPF record [2][3]

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  • Mmm, something weird happened: today, I had a phone call regarding this topic... so it seems that we are having problems to get the email delivered to Hotmail in our Elgg server. I run the test suggested in the FAQ, and is fine (I received the test email)... so I'll dig deeper to try to find the problem.


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