Translation in homepage with WalledGarden

Hi all!

I've been working on an elgg website with support for English and French. Inside the Elgg site, I've been able to solve it with the plugin "Language Selector", but I'm having problems with the translation of files in the Walled garden, like "Login, Register, Lost Password" and all menus (About, FAQ and others).

I was able to show the option for changing the language, by modifying the start.php in the plugin "Language Selector", and the cookie is set, in the way it should be, from the walled garden. I've been able to translate the forms (Login, register and lost password), by modifying the forms with the function:

$lang = get_current_language()


elgg_echo(string, [], $lang)

but I feel that this is not the way it should be done, mainly because when I log in the site, the menu (About, etc) is translated according to the language selected, but that is not happening in the walled garden.

So, I would like to know if there is a way to set the language, in a way that the menus get translated automatically, in the same way it is working in the site, once logged in.

Thanks in advance!


  • Well, for the record, and to make the story short, I end up following that approach in all my external pages, so I was able to allow translations in all forms (register, lost password, login), and with a small change in the plugin "externalpages_extended" I was able to translate also the About, FAQ, Terms, and all others.

    If someone needs more details, or thinks that the code could be useful, just drop me a line.

    Best regards,