Json Error -> uncaught ReferenceError: elgg is not defined

ELG Version:  1.8.15 ( ran upgrade script didn't seem to work )
Note:  It is possible that ELGG updated on the old server, and this error was there and I never caught it.

PHP:  PHP Version 5.6.31
Had to make path changes in Database, as they weren't the same on the old server.



I have moved my ELGG from a basic Godaddy hosting package to one where I have more control and can host multiple sites. 
I followed the steps outlined in moving the site over and have about 98% of the site working but it seems that some javascript/Json components are not working. Specifically with admin functions.

If I go into the admin tools and click on the administration menu which includes PLUGINS etc, the menus will not drop down.  Also, when I go into a users profile and click "Admin Functions" I get no functions.  Both actions result in the following DOM Errors on Chrome, and it doesn't work on anyother browser:  

elgg.1512912899.js?view=default:71 Uncaught ReferenceError: elgg is not defined
    at elgg.1512912899.js?view=default:71
(anonymous) @ elgg.1512912899.js?view=default:71

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
NoahLegel:145 Uncaught ReferenceError: elgg is not defined
    at NoahLegel:145
(anonymous) @ NoahLegel:145

elgg.config.lastcache = 1512912899;
elgg.config.viewtype = 'default';

The same error happens on pages too:  http://obikarateschool.com/social/file/view/473/6th-annual-old-school-fall-classic-karate-tournament

I have turned Simple cache on and off with no effect. 
elgg.config.simplecache_enabled = 0;