New Icons Moved to Wrong Folder Location

I recently upgraded to elgg 2.3.4 accompanied by an upgrade from elgg_dropzone to hypeDropzone 5.0.1.  In previous versions, image icons were saved to the folder "data/<site_guid>/<owner_guid>/icons" when I use dropzone to upload an image file.  After the upgrade, image icons are saved to the folder "data/<site_guid>/<image_guid>/icons/icon" while the original file is still saved to the original (preferred) location: "data/<site_guid>/<owner_guid>/file"

This change creates a lot of folder clutter in the file system. Unfortunately, I can't see how to restore the process.

Is there a way to save new icons to the "...<owner_guid>/icons" folder using hypeDropzone? I'm sure there is and I just can't see it.

  • Maybe not an issue with hypeDropzone alone. It looks like Elgg itself creates these extra folders. While trying to understand what your problem is I noticed that these extra folders seem to appear on uploading files with the bundled Files plugin (and not only on image uploads but with all kinds of files). I suspect it is connected with the new file upload API introduced in Elgg 2.3. Maybe the upload process does not clean up completely after the work is done.

  • For what it's worth, the filedrop function used in hypeGallery must be a different method because it saves new icons in the "...<owner_guid>/icons" folder.  I've spent a lot of time comparing the two plugins to discern what's different, but it exhausted my skill set.  Passing 'action' => 'action/gallery/upload/filedrop' to the input/dropzone view allows hypeGallery to control the upload and to put the icons where they should be.

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