sort comments of a blog to "latest top"

I'm searching for a plugin to be able to sort comments of a blog to "latest top"

Now a new comment is added at the end of the list. So if you have a blog which has a lot of comments, you have to browse through the pages first to get the last entry.

This takes time and simply is annoying to some users.

I have the problem with Elgg Version 2.0 for there's no plugin that works.

Maybe someone has an idea that would help me!

Thanks a lot!

  • You could try the Advanced Comments plugin from Download the latest release for recent versions of Elgg. The plugin is also available here at the Community site but the version at github is much newer.

  • Thanks iionly for the hint with github because the version here I've already tried but it didn't work!

    Unfortunately the github versions do not work either. v3.0 can't be activated because it needs elgg v2.3 and I have only 2.0
    plugin v2.1 can be activated but doesn't work properly because it doesn't show any comments of a blog directly underneath the blog. it says that there are a lot but I can only see them outside in the river, so they are on the same level as the blog itself but this is not really a clear design.
    I've tried plugin v3.0 in elgg 2.3 and it works fine. However, I have to use elgg v.2.0.

    So I'm still searching for a solution for my problem