how admin only can add users without email addresses ?

Hello ...would love to ask how admins only can add new users without elgg requiring email address?? But other users require email addresses to register...

  • I don't think that's possible. An email address is necessary for every account regardless if registered by admin or normal user. Without an email address the user wouldn't be able to change the password or reset the password in case he forgot the old password. Also, there would be issues if a user wants to enable email notifications but hasn't provided an email address.

    The only difference with regard to providing the email address when creating an account is that an admin can add a new user in the admin section without the necessity of email validation (i.e. the account gets activated immediatelly) whereas the normal user registering an account (with the bundled uservalidationbyemail plugin enabled) would have to validate the email address first before the account gets activated.