Get all the plugins with 'title' form field

Dear All,

How can i get all the active plugin names that has 'title' input form field in the add form.

  • I don't think Elgg can retrieve the input field names of the forms on its own if this form is not submitted.

    I don't know what you have in mind, so I can't give you any specific advice that might suit your requirements. On possibility would be the usage of the 'action' plugin hook ( to alter the input values after submitting before the actions process them. But I think you would still have go through the code of all plugins to find out for which actions the plugin hook callback function would have to be registered.

    I guess you would have to go through the "add" forms of the plugins and the actions they call anyway because they might not necessarily use the "title" input field name in the forms but save the values as "title" metadata nonetheless. Or they might use the "title" name in the form but another metadata name. The bundled plugins of Elgg might be consistent in the identifiers used but I wouldn't be so sure for any 3rd party plugin. Also, the forms name might not be "add" in any case either.

    Depending on what you want to achieve it might not be necessary to know about the input field names used but you might also be able to achieve what you have in mind by usage of elgg_get_entitied_from_metadata() with the "title" metadat_name.