Removing Excess data files from webhosting account

I am using elgg-1.8.19 . My webhost is telling that I have crossed the inode limit , so my account is suspended . Which excess data files from the webhost so that my account won't exceed inode limit . 

  • What your webhost is telling you is that they have a limit on the number of "inodes" for your hosting plan (shared hosting)? The number of inodes used correspond to the number of files and directories on your webspace. So, they don't limit the disc space as such but they limit the number of files you are allowed to have on your server.

    Easiest way to fix this would be to upgrade your hosting plan to get a higher limit (or no limit at all beside a disc space limit which is easier to handle in some extend as it might be a problem when hosting many large files but not when hosting a large number of small files that don't take that much disc space each). Anyway, ask your webhoster support about your options.

    The only other option would be deleting user content - file/video/audio uploads (which will also delete the files from the data directory and therefore decreasing the number of inodes used). But this is a bad choice really because your users won't like it at all and sooner or later you will have the same problem again when users have uploaded new files. The files from the Elgg install directory and mod folder can't be deleted obviously as it would make your site unuseable.

    The only other possibility would be that somewhere on your webspace countless files are created (log files?) that might be small each but a very large in number. Maybe ask your webhost about that, too. Especially, if your users haven't uploaded that many files (so it would be unlikely that these causes the exceeded inode limit).