I am moving Elgg 1.8 to a new server most everything is working except login functionality

Hello all,

I am in the process of moving Elgg 1.8 to a new server, I modified the database tables for the new directory paths etc.  The only issue I am running in to is that everytime I click on Log In, not from the blue menu/top menu but from the box I receive the following message  The action file for login was not found. 

Now when I click on the Login button upper right, in the blue top menu, I receive the folowing message.  "Currenlty Unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 

Note:  Error logs only show some depreciated functions, when I try to run the Upgrade script.  

What triggers the message "The Action File for login was not found?"  

what function/script etc is being called?  

When I look in to the HTML Form the action associated is:

However there is no file /action/login  there is however a php script called login.php 


Looks like login uses JS files.

On the site I am duplicating http://obikarateschool.com/social/js/elgg.1489486883.js?view=default  there is an entire JS file

on the duplicated site http://www.c21rainmaker.com/new_obikarateschool/social/js/elgg.1489486883.js?view=default  there seems to be more than half the file missing.. However, ths file doesn't exits in the directory.  AUGH  .. how is it built?

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  • Is mod_rewrite installed on the new server and working correctly? If not, it would explain the "The Action File for login was not found?" error message and most likely also the other issues.

    Also, it looks like your site has been/is installed in a subdirectory on your old and on the new server. If that's the case you most likely have configured the RewriteBase in Elgg's .htaccess (to fit the subdirectory name on the old server). Have you changed .htaccess to match the new subdirectory name (or set it correctly in case you started with the original .htaccess on the new server)? If the RewriteBase is wrong, it would also explain the "not found" error.