Problem with notifications

Hi everyone .

I have some troubles with notification. I am using the lastest elgg release; and under my account settings I have selected Email and site notification for all available notification options (Personal notifications etc.)

When my Post is commented I did not receive notification but when my post is liked I receive notification.

I dont know what's wrong with my settings.

Best regard.


  • Do you use any 3rd party plugin that might alter the notification sending?

    Is it both on-site notifications and email notifications that are missing for the comments (while both are sent for example for likes)?

    Is it for group content only or also for non-group content that the notifications are not sent (group notification settings are separate though I think that the notifications on receiving comments on own content should be independent of group content notifications)?

  • Thanks a lot. I have ckecked my installed plugins and the problem is due to HypeInteractions plugin.

    Best regard

  • Unfortunately, I can't really help you here because all the hype* plugins are rather complex and often depending on other hype* plugins to be installed (even if not reporting this dependency in some cases unfortunately).

    My advice would be to check if any newer releases of the hype* plugins are available. As Ismayil doesn't necessary publishes all new releases of his plugins here on the community site you would better check at his github account ( You could also follow the "Code repository" link on the plugin pages here on the community site to get to the corresponding plugin repo at github. Try it the latest zip release available on the releases tab. Don't use the "Clone or download" button because you don't get the vendor dependencies included in the zip this way. Try it with the latest available releases of all hype* plugins you use. If you are lucky, the problem is fixed then. If not, you might best open an issue at github in the corresponding plugin repo reporting the issue (try to narrow down the problem as best as you can at least to the one plugin causing the issue).

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