I quit developing new or maintaining my old Elgg plugins on Elgg Community

By Tom

We all know that open source application is a great thing for technology. During the day, I am a mechanical and aerospace engineer by profession, an author in the evening, and on my free time during the weekends do write codes for fun for open source projects. 

Old Elgg community members should try to make open source "welcoming and inspiring" to newcomers. Elgg Community is supposed to be Elgg Community user’s passion, a place to collaborate,   and something we as a community work on even in our free time for the greater good.

I have never heard any person who will starts a business with a aim of providing poor customer service. However, many non-profit or for-profit companies are failing to deliver good customer service.

It’s true that in the past, Elgg community admins used to get away with bad customer service. However, bad customer service could be associated with many former loyal Elgg members leaving the Elgg community or not participating as they should have been.

If elgg engine application want to be in business for the long time, elgg community administration team have to be serious about eliminating bad customer service.

Deleting a plugin from the community plugin's lists by Elgg community administrators without contacting plugin owner is rude to the current users who have already downloaded the plugin and who might need help while testing the plugin and also, it is unreasonable to the plugin owners who might be donating their time to upload plugin updates.

I know Elgg community isn’t made up of just a few coders in their basements. I belief current and future Elgg developers are or will come from tech companies large and small—from Google to startup in Silicon Valley and other parts of the world. In short, Elgg as an open source application is a big achievement.

Indeed, Elgg community members should have access to contact or an email address that community members can use to report complaints to an independent and neutral internal committee if they experience or feel that they are being treated unfairly by Elgg users or Elgg Community Administrators. Next, once a report has been made, the Elgg Organization independent and neutral internal committee   should respond within two days and evaluate the complaint.

There are several Elgg developers who don’t want to burn bridges or professional relationships that might be useful in future for potential job opportunities. As a result, they are never honest about how they feel about current Elgg Community state or even don’t want to talk about leaving Elgg community. The current generation is the most dishonest generation of all times, saying I cannot take this anymore is taboo. Therefore, they quietly leave and find a better open source community to be involved in.

In the past two days after coming back from my father’s funeral, I have struggled with the decision to stop contributing my plugins to Elgg community because of how the Elgg community administrator/s are behaving towards plugin uploaded on Elgg community.

Looking back, I realize that a similar incident had happened to me and I decided to forgive the Elgg Administrators or users who had Elgg community administration privileges and acted unprofessional towards a discussion I had posted more than 3 years ago.

Until this issue of Elgg Community Administrators of deleting plugins from Elgg Community without notifying the plugin developers is addressed, I am mulling over the decision of not uploading any of my several new or updating my old plugins on Elgg community.