Changing Icon Sizes

Hello...  The HypeWall Extended plugin on the activity page beneath the comments text box has generic Icons for 'share a link', 'share a photo', 'location', 'tag friends', 'add tags', etc.   Is there a particular file that I can edit to change the sizes? I know that the HypeWall plugin settings have size change options from 75 to 300 percent, but I'm not sure if values are supposed to affect the comments box icons.  Regardless, no matter what I change the percentage to, I don't see the change effects on any icons.  I'm trying to make them smaller than the default sizes.  Is there a particular file that I can edit to change the sizes?  Could there be some other plugin that is not allowing the change to take effect (theme, HypeIcons, etc.)?  I've tried moving the plugin to the bottom of my plugin list, but that didn't help. It may sound like I'm talking about two separate problems, but I'm not sure if they are separate or the same underling problem.  Thanks for any assistance.

  • Maybe the change of icon size option in hypeWall Extended never worked. Or it might no longer work with newer versions of hypeWall (and/or on Elgg 2.x).

    I would suggest to make a post on the hypeWall Extended plugin page about your problem. Changes that the plugin developer notices it are better then. Or open an issue at