Installation woes

Hi - I have just installed the latest Elgg (2.3.4) onto an Apache server running on a CentOS based system (Nethserver 7.4, if you are interested).

Anyway - the installation script would not run with the default, secure settings on the server. I kept getting errors about the installation pages wanting to install insecure items - that is, the page served over https:// wanted to load javascript, css and images using http://.

I searched the internet and the elgg discussions for a solution, mucked around for a while with .htaccess files, and eventually had to enable access to the site with http://, install, edit the settings -> advanced settings -> The site url setting, and then disable http:// access on the Apache server. Everything seems to be running as expected.

But it is not all that convenient :-)

If there is a way to install  over https://, it should be easier to find out how to do it. If there isn't - well, there should be.

Feedback and Planning

Feedback and Planning

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