Elgg Community Poor Customer Service at a Crossroad

This is not a complaint but a concerning tread.

In the past the elgg community admin did due diligence to contact elgg community users if the admin deemed the post was in violation of the Elgg community policy.

My father passed away last month and for that reason I have been away from the elgg community to finish his burial service.

Two months ago an elgg admin deleted one of the comments that I had made in one of the posts.

Today someone was asking me a question about a plugin called Avade Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme that I had developed and I checked in my elgg plugins and the plugin was deleted by an elgg admin.

In the past if a plugin had an issue, the elgg admin would change the privacy setting on who can see the plugin to private. Then, a message would be sent to the plugin owner on what need to be done before the plugin's privacy or who can view it can be set to public.

By providing good customer service, elgg community can trieve even in the midst of fierce competition.

Some of the developers are donating their free time not because they are trying to make money out of the plugins they are developing but just as a way of sparking a thought in young, new, and existing developers.

I know elgg community admins have a right to delete anything but when this right is not excised with caution; keeping new, loyal, and genuine members might be an a big problem for the future of elgg community existence.

Hope this is not seen as a negative criticism to elgg admins but as an honest observation.