Pages posting issue

Hi, I've recently downloaded Elgg 1.6 and have been testing it on a MAMP localhost. So far it's amazing, but I'm still learning how to use it properly (I'm a bit experienced on html/css). I'm having an issue with pages, and I was hoping someone could help me.


I logged in with my user (superuser, admin, wouldn't know how to exactly call it) and I created a PAGE. The problem comes when posting it: nothing but a blank page appears (meaning, completely blank, no format, no bar, no menus). Then, I tried posting another page and this time everything went fine. At the beginning I thought it was something related with tags (don't know why), but it wasn't: I can create and post pages with or without tags, and they work just fine, but I can't access that first page I created. Every time I click on it, I am sent to the blank, empty and unformatted page. So, in other words, I can't access, modify, delete, my first page.

Any ideas how to solve this? Thank you very much in advanced!