[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: iZAP Videos - revised edition by iionly] - Deleted videos can't be readded

Version 2.3.3 -  When I delete any video, I can't add it back in again. I get a list of red error messages that is a duplicate of what should have been listed in the fields, but are not listed, only listed as many red error messages. Verified this over and over an over again, many times. Is there a simple fix for this? Thanks.

  • I might not understand your problem.

    Assuming you are referring to uploaded videos, I've just added a video, deleted it and added it again. No problem at all.

    Has the video you had deleted still in the conversion queue or are there any videos in the queue waiting for conversion? Maybe that's causing your problem. You should check the queue on the corresponding tab on the iZAP Videos settings page and empty the queue if there are any (invalid?) entries.

    I have no other idea at the moment that would explain the problem or any hints how to fix it. If it's not the queue you might want to describe in more detail what exactly is wrong. Maybe I can reproduce it with more info.

  • Note; These are Off Server videos.

    I've narrowed it down. Doesn't appear to be any problem after all. It appears to be localized to my installation.  As I upgraded elgg along the way from 1.+ to the most the most current elgg 2.3.4, and from the original iZap Video to your IZap iionly Video version, there were a number of videos that must not have converted properly and thus did not work. So, I would delete them and reload them from YouTube. But they would not reload, as I explained above. But this only happens with the specific videos that were already loaded and seemingly corrupt and I'd try to reload. In summary, this problem only happens with already installed YouTube videos from the past and current reloads. Therefore there are a number of YouTube videos that I will never be able to use. 

    Note, there is no problem if a I load a YouTube video, delete it, and load it again. This works fine. The problem is only with old videos. 

    And, I've only got a few dozen of these videos, so I'm not going to worry about it, unless you can think of some easy fix. 

  • Thought you might like to take a look at the error message I get when I try to reload one of these problem videos. This error message is a list of all the fields that should have loaded with the video, but did not. There was no other message or indication why the error occurred, just this...

  • Problem with the original version of iZAP Videos has been / is that the handling of offserver videos was done by their API server. It was impossible for me to know what they did there. Therefore, I had made my fork based on an older version of iZAP Videos (3.7) that still had the code for processing offserver videos at least mostly included in the plugin itself. So, any offserver videos added with the original version of iZAP Videos have likely some differences with regards to the corresponding database entries. This might result in an incomplete deletion of the video entries. Still, I can't say why it should fail to add these videos again.

    Had you deleted the plugin folder of the original iZAP Videos before switching to my fork? If not, you might try if it helps to re-install my fork (disable iZAP Videos, then delete the plugin folder before copying the latest version again on the server and then re-activating it). Then you might also check the plugin settings again if everything is configured alright including the API key.

  • iionly, yes I always delete plugins before upgrading to a new version. Settings appear to be ok, in addition the API Key is ok. FYI, I have 3 elgg sites and all 3 had the exact same experience. So, we've just deleted all the old videos, and realize we can not put them in again, and move on. We're not going to lose any sleep over it. 

    I'd like to take this time to thank you for your excellent work and support. I first became involved with elgg at version .7, and rode the wave through 1.7.15. But, we never launched any production sites, although we had 3 sites under development. We were not too happy with several of the plugin developers, so we put all future elgg work on the back burner. 60 days ago we decided to revisit elgg, and what we found was most pleasing. We've taken the time to upgrade to 2.3.4, one step at a time, and the process, although time consuming, was virtually flawless. And your, and a few other developers', plugins, have finally become something we felt we could install with confidence and have sites we could be proud of. You've obviously invested a lot of time and hard work. I thank you for your professionalism and obviously sincere concern for us users by offering such wonderful products. Finally, after so many years, we are are going to be able to launch our elgg projects. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!