File / elgg_file_viewer / file_tools plugin not showing image thumbnail icons


I have a problem with displaying image thumbnails as icons, which seems to be the default way for file / file_viewer / file_tools plugin ( I have all three enabled and am not quite sure which one is responsible for this) to display image type in lists and summary. For better clarity of my problem I attach screenshots. Would it be possible to just show icon/general.gif which is included in file plugin instead of trying to show photo thumbnail (like it's done for word document in 1st screenshot)?



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  • And for the cherry on the top, when I upload images, action/file/upload errors out giving me completely useless "friendly" error page (basically exception:title, exception:contact_admin translations and a timestamp) which I cannot turn off to display php error message, as my hosting provider doesn't give me access to php error log, I'm stuck. Oh, and the image gets uploaded anyways, despite the error. Upload of other files works perfectly well without errors.


    I narrowed it down to imagine (vendor/imagine) not using Imagick, which I have installed on server, but wants to use gd, which is not installed, instead. I'll just try and code-force it to use Imagick, but if there's a setting for this, I'll be happy to know about it.


    I decided to go the easiest way and just enabled gd. All works fine now, however I'm still curious about imagine not using imagick.

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