Transferring ELGG

I am considering transferring my ELGG site from its present SuseLinux server across to a centos server. Is this a straightforward transfer of directories and files or is it more complex than that?

  • Straightforward, if you create a duplicate of the install folder, data directory and database without a change in the domain name and paths to the install folder and data directory. Also, webserver, php and mysql versions on the new server should be not older than on the old server. And you would need to have any required php extension and other tools used also on installed on the new server.

    You might also want to read to get an idea what you might need to consider for the move. And I wouldn't combine moving the site with any updates of Elgg or plugins. First move, then upgrade if necessary. And with a full backup available of install folder, data directory and database you should be save on the move in case something goes wrong at first as you could retry or fix any issues.