Backing up Elgg regularly

I used to do a full site backup every so often. Now that it's grown considerably in terms of megabytes I just backup the Home Folder and Mysql  database using the CPanel Backup options. Is this enough to preserve and restore all new user content and data in the event of a "catastrophic" server failure? Am still running Elgg version 8.13 (blush, blush, embarassed).  

  • To fully restore the site you would also need a complete up-to-date backup of the data directory. That's where the uploaded files are saved (profile images and any other types of files).

    If you have shell access to your server, you could use rsync to make the backup process a bit faster. You would only download modified/new files and not have to download the whole data directory and install folder each time.

  • Thanks iionly. Good to know that's what I've been doing. The data directory is in what CPanel calls my home directory. Don't know if I have shell access but may look into your suggestion re. rsync.