I see references to geocoding hooks having been added to the core. But I don't think it's actually implemented yet. I'm wondering how it will work and how values will be saved/overridden, etc. And maybe I can put in a plug for how I'd like it to work.

Let me start by saying how I use location data now: I calculate sun rise/set, moon phase, etc. and provide links to astro catalogs that depend on latitude/longitude values. Right now, users have to enter those values in their profiles. Geocoding would let me use starting values at least until users enter precise values in their profiles.

I wouldn't want the geocoded values to override the values users enter in their profiles. I'd want both to be there. At least in my case, users will definitely want to maintain their home base info while roaming. For astronomy calculations, the difference in lat/long from downtown to the 'burbs can really matter. The difference between logging in from home or work could be significant. Not everyone will need that much precision, but let's say geocoded info were used to display location-specific ads. You might still want to be able to display ads based on the user's home location even while that user is logged in from someplace else. (Maybe not, but I'm trying to come up with some example beside my own as to why you'd want to save both data points!)

So, here's how I'm thinking it should work:

  • Two lat/long data pairs are stored in the user's profile: home and current (or some such names)
  • When a user signs up, their home & current location are set to geocoded values
  • Manually entered home values wouldn't ever by overridden by geocoding
  • The "current location" would always be geocoded (or at least when you called on the API to do so)



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