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I've fresh installed Elgg 2.3, and works all except of edit user avatar.

The first user administrator of social site is able to upload the avatar, the other user cant view the button for upload the avatar the page was load but only the title is visible, the button for upload don't see.

i've ispected the html code and I see the form action but the fieldset are empty. There is onli token and ts fieldset.

The English is not my first language, excuse me


Goffredo Morvillo

  • Do you have added some plugin(s) in addition to the plugins that are bundled with Elgg? If yes, one of the additional plugins might not be fully compatible with Elgg 2.3. Is the language used for the admin user and the second user the same or have you set different languages for them on your site? If the language set for the second user is different, do you still get the same error with the language set to English? If the error is depending on the language set there might be an error in a language file of Elgg.

  • Thank's a lot.

    I resolved by deactivate all plugins and I have found that the problem il hypeIcon plugin that non charge the fieldset for upload image. 

  • The plugin works but i don't have set flag in setup of the plugin to Member.

    Thank's a lot for support