Pull each user's cover image via a link/code

Need help pulling an uploaded cover photo from amap_coverphoto pluginthere code listed to use the plugin but I am not sure where to input it and what the dependencies are. I can see the preview but no idea how to add it to users profile/else where, so that visitors will see the user's set cover image, not just default  cover background image. I've enabled the profile/blog/etc coverphoto and added the size in the settings, still nothing! I need something like this " https://{$host}/coverphoto/view/{$entity}{$size}{$time}.jpg ", unless someone knows how to do this correctly??

  • Ah, finally an answer, I was believing it was an error with my setup. Any chance you'll be updating it sometime/soon?, I installed 1.8 after much difficulty, not liking 1.8, and as I have much work gone into the design of 2.3.3, going to anything lower would force me to lose most I have made over the past year, lose many mods and security features in which I rely on. I'm, a low budget but willing to give a few dollars for your work, I'll pay lil more if you could include a few options for it(i.e. make it compatible with profile_x's cover(all themes) so it can replace the Imgur feature! That alone needs addressing). I'm not looking for anything too fancy, would like for animated GIF's to be an option as well, but just a basic cover app for 2.3 would be very good!

  • I am new here and don't know squat, but I think what M1K3 is asking is where do you put this and in which php file. I understand to make the image appear where you want it you have to place that somewhere. Can of wondering the same think. Thanks

    if ($entity->covertime) {                    
        echo elgg_view('output/img', array(
            'src' => amap_cp_getCoverIconUrl($entity, 'large'),
            'alt' => elgg_echo('cover'),
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