Message reply button not working

Hello All,

I just created a plugin that changes only the UI of my elgg website. I have not changed any functions with respect to message function. But after I activate the plugin, the text section is not appearing below the message when I hit the reply button.

Am I missing anything in the plugin that is disabling the function of reply button?? or any suggestion that would help fixing this issue?

Thanks All.

  • The reply form has the id "messages-reply-form" and gets toggled (shown/hidden) on a click on the reply button. But there's no css style defined for this id as far as I know. So, changing the look of the site only shouldn't result in a problem.

    Without knowing what you have changed exactly it's difficult to give an pointers about what might be the problem. My only suggestion would be to debug the issue by reducing the number of changes to narrow down which modification causes the problem. So, proceed step by step starting with no actual changes in your plugin and then add only a part of the modifications at a time to find out when it starts to fail.