Finding friends, inviting to groups

Ease of use features I'd like to see or implement:

Invite someone to a group who you are not yet friended with!  Or if not that, at least an easier way to input who I want to invite that I have friended.  Example, I have two or three friends, and a huge a-z thing to scroll through to find them.  I'd rather just put their name in.

Is there a better way to find friends?  I'm using the search feature for names.  I could make a view that lists users, lists latest users, lists users online, but I'm curious what other elggusers think will be useful.

  • I think just being able to add a name would be a great feature as you said above.

    I would like to see a browse feature similar to Myspace's browsing feature. It wouldn't have to be nearly as powerful but would at least make it easier to find people to be friends with.

    The difficulty I can see in finding friends is the one thing keeping me back from launching my site at the moment. Is it easy to add the 3 different view list you described above? A plugin would be nice but some documentation would also be great on this topic.

  • I am a little bit disappointed, that only goup owners can invite friends to the group. I need that all members of any group have the possibilitiy to invite friends. I didn't find yet how to fix it - can anybody give me an advice?


  • guys group invite is not working only Admin also cannot invite anyone to group