How to install hypeWall

I'm new to Elgg and I want to install hypeWall. But how do I do that? If I put it in the mod folder nothing shows on the plugin page.

  • I understand, but it won't show up on the plugin page

  • Just one reason is disable all 3-rd party plugins and activate hypeWall again. Keep in your mind that some plugins couldn't compatible with others.

  • Thanks but it still won't show. Even with every 3rd party plugin off

  • No idea. Give us your server's log here (error_log).

    Overwise, you could try to install Elgg and activate plugins on localhost before production.

    We don't know about your 1) server's configuration: 2) activated 3-rd plugins/themes: 3) another issues that could be the reasons

  • Are access permissions and owner/group of the hypeWall folder in your mod directory correct (matching that of other plugins that work)? Maybe something went wrong when unzipping and/or uploading the plugin files to the server. If the permissions don't allow the webserver process to read/access the files it's like they are not there at all. And in case you have start.php at mod/hypeWall/hypeWall/start.php and not mod/hypeWall/start.php (all other files the same), which might have happened by mistake on unzipping/copying them it, won't work either.

  • mod/hypeWall/hypeWall/start.php

    Real value. iionly is right!

  • All that was not the problem, but I installed Elgg again, uploaded hypewall and now it works! Accept for AJAX...