hypeSeo not generating sitemap.xml

Hi there,

Since the "older" Plugin SEO: auto sitemap - XML is not including the "pages*" of my wiki (won't save the checkbox, everything else works fine) I tried now hypeSEO.

*I have the same issue as discussed here: https://elgg.org/plugins/2397576/releases/2.0#elgg-object-2624187 (I can't save the "other entities" within the plugin, everything else works, the sitemap is generated, except the main part of my wiki, no pages are indexed).

After installing the hypeSEO, I see the plugin, activated it an clicked "generate sitemap". Instantly it tells me that the "Sitemap has been successfully generated".

But there is no sitemap.xml @ https://wiki.anyfer.com/sitemap.xml

Furthermore I like to ask, if generating the sitemap will be automatic or will I have to generate it each day by clicking the "generate" button?

  • Using latest elgg 2.3.3 version.
  • Auto Sitemap is deactivated, htaccess data for Auto Sitemap is still within the file

Any idea where I have to make some changes to make it work?

Best regards