Adding User-Profile-Data (Role = Company) with additional data as "footer" to Coop-Site

Hi there,

we are building up an (atm only german) Open Source Directory and are evaluating Elgg to do so. 

You can find this evaluating system under

We plan to list all available Open Source Software and - Hardware projects on the market und would like to add (on every Open Source Project) companies (UserRole=Company) to the buttom of each Coop-Site (page). Atm we have approx. 1220 OSS Project within a spreadsheet.

Here how one of the pages looks like at the moment:

Here how the User-Role "company" looks like at the moment:

The intention is, that all User with user-profile-type "company" should be listed at the buttom off each Coop-Site (page), if they have included the OSS - Tag (in this case - "SEP Sesam") in their company-profil (or similar). 

Is there any plugin available, where we could include this on each page?

Furthermore, we would like to give each company-profile the possibility to tell (on each OSS-Page where they set a tag), which expertise they have from 1 to 5. The score of the expertise should be:

Score Proficiency Level
1 Fundamental Awareness
(basic knowledge)
2 Novice
(limited experience)
3 Intermediate
(practical application)
4 Advanced
(applied theory)
5 Expert
(recognized authority)


Anyone any idea how we could realize this with elgg?

Best Regards