Remove the wire box from site Activity page

Using the River Addon plugin, I changed the "Display the wire on activity page?" selection from no (default) to yes.  Subsequently, I enabled the Hypewall plugin.  Now the "Display the wire on activity page?" selection reads "no", but the wire dialog box remains on the site Activity page.  Now, no matter what I change the setting to on the River addon, the wire box will not go away from the site activity page.  Can anyone provide a good answer for how I can remove the wire box from my activity page?  With the little code that I know,  I tried to manipulate the settings.js file from the River Addon plugin directory, without success.  I even went as far as removing all of the .js files from the following directory: mod/river_addon/views/defaults/js/river_addon/ (to see if any of those files affect the activity page) but there was no affect to the Activity page (it still displays the wire dialog box).  I am using a third-party theme from Elggzone.  Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Is the wire on the activity page even the wire input from River Addon, i.e. do you have two wire inputs when enabled the hypeWall plugin? The hypewall plugin does add its own alternative "wire" after all. What if hypeWall is disabled and wire display option of River Addon also disabled? Does the wire vanish then again from the activity page?

    If you have indeed two wre inputs on the activity page, the problem might origin from the way River Addon and hypeWall alter the activity page (by extending and/or overriding). If these two plugins don't do well together by default, you might need to alter the code of one of them (I would rather say River Addon) to remove the "wire on activity" functionality completely regardless of any plugin option.

  • Thanks for your reply.  Yes, I do have two wire inputs on the activity page.  One from hypeWall and the other from the River_addon (The wire from the River_addon is on top of the hypeWall wire).  Despite having deactivated the wire pluggin and river_addon plugin, elements of the wire still remain on the top of my activity page, above the hypeWall activity box.  I then deactivated hypeWall, and still, an artifact named "The Wire:" remains on the page.  I also removed the element of code the displayed the selection for "the wire on activity" functionality.  I could see from the river-addon general settings page that the functionality was removed (e.g. the box has text that reads "none selected" with no drop down box options).  I should also add that the wire text input box is gone from the activity page (e.g. with the wire plugin deactivated), but there was still text (artifacts) that indicate that the element was not completely removed.   So, to me, it seems as though the offending text is actually on an activity page file.  I'm just not sure where to find the offending file.  I would think that removal of the text input box would also remove the associated header text for the box.  By the way, when the river_addon plugin is activated and at the bottom of the plugin list, the text at the top of the activity page reads:  " What are you doing? Tell everyone on the wire: "  So it is still behaving as if the "wire on activity" functionality is set to "yes" in the river_addon plugin. 


  • Could it be that the wire functionality added to the activity page is done by your theme? And that the theme adds the wire to the activity page in any case without a plugin setting of the theme? This seems likely to me as you mention that the activity page shows some wire elements even with the River addon plugin disabled. So, I would suggest to look into the code of the theme plugin for code that adds wire stuff and comment out the corresponding lines of code.

  • I was able to remove the text that read "What are you doing?  Tell everyone on the wire:" by removing the offending line of code from the river_addon language file.  The only problem is that placeholder text that reads, river_addon:thewire, remains on the page.  As a temporary fix,  I just removed the comment tags and replaced the text with "Welcome:" or whatever else I may want it to read in the future.  I couldn't find any css files in the river_addon plugin that effected this area either.  Maybe sometime later I will look into my theme's ccs files to see if there is anything that can affect this area.  Thanks again.

  • If you just remove an entry from a language file, there will still be an output. Instead of the text string right of => the raw language string left of it is displayed. You need to find the line in code that results in the output and comment out that line. You need to look for a line that contains


    in the code. And this line is not likely in a css file.

  • Great news!  I found the line of code that you mentioned in the river_addon plugin with file name riverwire.php.  Now that there's no more wire box nor text, I can move forward with finishing my website (until the next snag...).  I appreciate your assistance and guidance.