how to deactivate aalbourg theme by default

I am using composer to install an elgg site, but my theme is conflicting with aalbourg theme. I have set my theme to be activated on install in the manifest.xml file, but the aalborg theme has the same setting. Can I deactivate aalbourg theme by default in this case? Thanks 

  • It's a one-time setup thing, probably just as easy to disable it via admin isn't it?

  • @Matt Beckett The problem with disabling it via admin is that I sometimes forget to disable it after a fresh install, then when I encounter some problem and then spend some time debugging and finally found that I need to disable this theme. Therefore, could there be a better approach for the developer or user to choose a theme, for example in a config file like some other framework?

  • In your custom theme you can set aalborg as a conflicting plugin with the manifest.xml.  That will mean you *can't* enable your theme until aalborg is disabled.  Then you'll never forget.