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Hi There .. 

     I am facing some problem in display name as certain user have started to put there website address as there display name which needed to be eliminated i searched the entire community & found one plugin but it's not helping me in anyway it's actually not working for elgg 2.2.4 version so it would be good if someone can help me over this.. I want to blacklist all kind of symbols including dot (.) ..

The below plugin looks like helpful but unfortunately it's not working. 


  • Add . in this string:

    var blacklist = /[\'/\\"*$#!%^(){}~?<>;|¬`@+=.]/;
  • Thank you RvR for your reply: I actually added the dot before i can open the discussion the problem is that  the plugin allows all the symbols that's the problem the plugin is not  working at all.. 

    Eg: I Registered an user with a display name with @ symbol & the plugin just simply allowed it..

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