Need plugin: File for hypeAttachment


I was trying to add attachment in the post reply for discussion. For this I installed hypeattachment and hypewall, which are in turn dependent on a plugin called File. Can you please let me know whats the correct procedure to attach a file / image in reply for discussions? 


  • Attachments + interactions + discussions

  • Sorry Ismayil,

    I dint get that. Can you please tell me bit clearly how can I add attachments to the replies in discussion?

  • Either code a plugin following instructions in hypeAttachments readme. Or install additionally hypeIntetactions and hypeDiscussions, and toggle attachments in plugin settings.

  • Greetings

    In a similar vein; my users would very much appreciate being able to include an attachment in the "Mail Members" function of Group Tools. I have the awesome HypeAttachments plugin installed, and "Group Mails" checked, but I can't see a way to add an attachment to the email.

    Sorry to be a pain; I may be missing something obvious...

    Gratefully, Jamie

  • In all cases:
    1. Include form input
    2. Update action to make attachments
    3. Update views to show attachments

    There is only so much magic in the world

  • Thanks very much, Ismayil - especially for your patience.

    So, the upload option now appears on the group mail form - and I have added :

    hypeapps_attach_uploaded_files($group_mail, 'upload', [
       'access_id' => $group_mail->access_id, // change the access level of uploaded files

    to /mod/group_tools/actions/mail.php errors generated, but there is sadly no attachment on the email received :( ...what am I missing?

    Thank you again,


  • It's more complicated with outgoing emails. If you have hypeNotifications installed you can pass attachments to email function, otherwise you need to modify the mailer instance via hooks and inject your attachments somehow

  • Thanks, Ismayil

    I do have hypeNotifications installed :) However, when I try the 'send test email' function of hypeNotifications, with an attachment, the attachment doesn't arrive - so perhaps I have another issue going on...

    So, to pass the attachment to the email function of HypeNotifications, would I simply include

    notify_user($to, $from, $subject, $body, $attachment); the mail action of grouptools? ...not having any success with that...:(
    Thank you again... I'm learning.... slowly...


  • From hypeNotifications readme: 

    File Attachments

    To add attachments to your email, add an array of ElggFile objects to notification parameters:

    notify_user($to, $from, $subject, $body, array(
    	'attachments' => array(
    		$file1, $file2,
  • Thanks :) Which I've done.... but how to do I retrieve $file1, $file2 etc to make this array?

    Once again, thank you for your patience...