Just set up Joomla as a test and like Elgg better so far

I just set up a test server with Joomla and so far I like Elgg better but am worried Elgg may go obsolete due to recent discussions I have read so I am testing other apps and will test Drupal as well. Any input would be appreciated and yes I would prefer to stay with Elgg if it is going to be carried on.

  • It depends on what you want to build.  I work with Elgg, Drupal, Ionic, and have dabbled in Laravel and (blech) Wordpress.  They're all different tools for different jobs.

    The active development has certainly slowed down lately, I know I have been extremely busy with personal life and simply haven't had the time I used to put in.  That said, the latest version of Elgg is very good and I wouldn't hesitate to build something with it.  In fact I'm working on some high level projects for some very large companies using Elgg currently.  I wouldn't take the slowdown to mean it's not a useful or supported product.

  • Development might have slowed down but not stopped. And I don't think that it will stop in the foreseeable future. As there are only a few active developers the activity goes up and down depending on the available time of the devs. Just as it happens there has been quite a lot activity within the last few days.

    Even with development stalling or stopping Elgg wouldn't get "obsolete" suddenly. It would still be possible to continue to use it - and all 3rd party plugins - as they would be at that time. And even then you (or other developers) could continue the development at any time because everything is open source.

    Joompla, Drupal, Wordpress are CMS and therefore they have surely a different use than Elgg. Which system fits best depends on what you want to achieve. Can you get what you want with Elgg? Does it fits you needs? Or does any of the other systems fits your needs better. I would make a decision based on that - the presence - and not necessarily on what might or might not happen in the future.

  • I have to say after a bit of testing I am liking Elgg much better...community builder for Joomla may extend it but Elgg is still far superior at least at this point for my needs anyway..for one there are imgur and izap video plugs that help keep disk size to a minimum which Joomla doesn't have as far as I can see and there are many other plugs for Elgg which extend it even farther so I am happy to see Elgg is being worked on this last little while and hope it stays current for the forseeable future. I am not a coder so there isn't much I have to offer but I do appreciate the work others put into it ...not that appreciation accounts for much in this day and age..but my thanx to all involved

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