Calendar showing year dropdown only till 2001


In my profile page of elgg, my calendar year dropdown only shows years till 2007, how can I fix this issue? Suppose I want to enter my year of birth as 1996, I am unable to as the scroller for year stops at 2007 only. How can I fix this issue and show all years until for example 1950 to user?

A reference screen shot can be seen at




  • This birthday input field on profile pages is not part of Elgg core. It must be provided by a 3rd party plugin installed on your site. My guess is that the the plugin that provides this birthday input limits the lower year in the dropdown selection to (current year - 10) - which is surely not suitable at all for covering all expected birthdays.

    My suggestion is to make the plugin developer aware of the issue and hope for a fixed version of the plugin. Or you could look into the code of the plugin and try to fix the issue on your own (it should be rather easy).

  • Should be an easy fix, the date input can have configurable options passed to it and the year range is one of those options.

    You can create a date of birth input by just wrapping the date view 

    $vars['datepicker_options'] = [
    'yearRange' => (date('Y') - 120) . ':' . date('Y')

    echo elgg_view('input/date', $vars);

  • Thanks @Matt, 

    But where can I edit / insert this line of code, in which file / file path?




  • As I already wrote in my first posting, this input field is not provided by Elgg core. So, you use some 3rd party plugin that adds it. Without knowing what plugins you use, how should we be able to point you to the file? Give at least the info which plugin adds the birthday field.