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Hello everyone,

I am new to elgg and I chose this engine because I saw the possibilities in creating my very own Social Network. I chose the 2.3.3 version of elgg and I tried a few design templates and designs, but nothing really fits my vision for what it should look like! Sadly I am not such a Pro when it comes to PHP programming, so I would not know how to create a new design/theme for my needs.

So right now I would like to be in contact with a few persons who are able to create professional designs and themes. As I wish to have a theme that is unique and does not look like any out of the box installation of this engine! 

If you are up for the job, you may send me a PM and we can then discuss what I envision for my page.


  • @ Tanjeria, The power of Elgg Engine gives you freedom to build any theme possible on Earth.

    First, what type of business do you want to use elgg with. For example you can build a shop, Church community, Law farm site, Construction, Daycare, Veterinarian, Charity, Health Care, Technology, Wedding, Resume, Photography, Classic Shop or Modern Shop, Landing Product, Gym, Café, Tech, Hosting, Architecture, Hotel, Lifestyle, Travel, Agency, Dating, Fashion site and the list goes on and on.

    First identify the niche of market you would like to serve, build, or target then you can decide what kind of theme will likely serve your customers better. This is why Facebook has realized too late that most people even though they are on Facebook, they are still longing to belong to certain communities outside Facebook main site and that why Elgg based sites are likely to grow in coming years.

    The themes that are here on Elgg community are just a starting point for a new web designers. You can hire a theme developer on Elgg community to design a unique theme for your site.

  • PM me your budget  

Professional Services

Professional Services

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