Extetnal links prevention and count of transitions

Do not prompt as it is possible to make that by pressing on some external links there was a redirect on page. On which it would be written "you leave a site mysite.com under the external reference http://externallinks, given to one of participants."


Probably it can be made by means of Apache mod_rewrite, but I do not understand as to set a rule only for external references.

Also there is a thought to make on this page of a redirect the counter, to show a rating of this reference.

  • Hi Necroz,

    Have you seen that TinyURL has that feature? Although without the rating.

    It tells you the URL before going to the URL itself.

    I think the best approach would be writing a plugin, that would duplicate tinyurl funtionality. But i can't see why would it be benefitial though.

    Uddhava dasa