The Forecast of Facebook's impending doom

Facebook with 1.9 billion members and $ 27.6 billions in revenue is facing pressure from smaller rivals sites like Nextdoor, Meetup, Elgg sites, and wordpress sites networks.

These applications are used by site owners especially Elgg engine to bring together neighbors, churches, pets, and people in the same area with shared interests.

Facebook just like AOL, Yahoo, Myspace, and Bebo has reached it’s peak and soon it will die out. The people who are inactive, leaving or abandoning the giant Facebook site are increasingly rising at alarming rate. Also, the majority of members who are losing trust in Facebook due to widespread of fake news on Facebook newsfeed and trending section is on the rise. Nowander Facebook Inc (FB.O) Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg revised Facebook's mission statement on Thursday to emphasize support for hobby clubs, civil society organizations and other community groups.

In addition, Mark Zuckerberg just sold $42.5 million of Facebook stock or shares is another sign that the advisers of Zuckerberg have sensed the beginning of downward spiral of Facebook share in the near future due to lose of user’s interest in Facebook.

Facebook has drastic decrease in daily users, specifically among younger teens. However, the Facebook investors do not seem to be running for the exit just yet.

Elgg has a better chance to grow smaller communities allover the world. The plugin and core developers of Elgg who had or have dought if Elgg will survive the future should get back to coding new tools that will help the future communities when Facebook will begin to trail off.

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  • @Dave and @ RVR, thanks for your comments. Facebook is planning to pay Hollywood $3 millions per episode or show in order to attract or retain Facebook audiences aged 12 years to 35 years old.

    The writing is on the wall. The good old days of Facebook are coming to an end. Companies start spending millions when their financial advisers sense that their competitors are chipping away their customers or users.

    Some will argue that there is no evil or nothing wrong in making money! However, open source applications like Elgg will continue to serve online users better than profit geared applications that have been designed solely for making money for shareholders while forgetting that the best way to give back to community is to design applications that are open to the public that will spark young or new minds to greater imagination, innovation, and revolutionary ideas.

  • Fun cheerleading, but don't live in fantasy. Look at these active user trends. It's literally a Supreme Court protected utility in the U.S.

  • @ Steve, I saw those active user's trends numbers a few days ago and now Facebook is under audit crisis because they are lying to ad customers. Facebook ads viewability does not add up, it is claiming that their video viewability is more than 50% and in reality it is below 20%.

    Also, Supreme Court has to protect Facebook because Big Brother including The National Security Agency (NSA), CIA, US Department of Defence, and even local police departments depend on large utility companies like Facebook to spy or track people of interests. In addition, remember in the earlier days, Mark Zuckerberg got funding from the government funded company once the government learned that Facebook will make their work easier --- surveillance!

    The CIA operates a venture capital firm called In-Q-Tel. Its main purpose is to fund or invest in companies that could benefit the CIA. In 2005  Facebook received 13 million from one of those farms called Accel

    At a certain point, Facebook will have to bend to gravity because its users will start searching for greener pastures and the advertisers and investors will have to run for the exit door.

    Open source applications like Elgg might be the beneficiary of former Facebook users who will be searching for smaller communities that will serve their needs.

  • Agree that Big Brother and police have an interest in Facebook, but so do businesses and users. Users will leave FB for small communities with few of their friends/family? Facebook is serving people's needs, and people are making the calculation that it's worth the surveillance threat to be where everybody else is, as sad as that may be. And people would be smart to assume whatever would come next would also be monitored.

    If they're under ads crisis, I'd still bet they can easily pull out of nearly any hardship due to their user base size. I wonder if the betting markets have odds on FB failing in various ways. I just don't see it until users start to plateau or they get associated with something really toxic.