Need programmer: customise widget/file tools. Urgent

I need an experienced Elgg programmer to carry out some urgent work (within the next 5 days) - not a big job. Customisation of the way that file tools and widget manager work.

Currently, when the groups File Folder widget is opened it shows a list of file folders for that group. My client wants their users to be able to click the file folder and have the folder's files  shown in the widget (using e.g. show/hide/simple accordion jquery ajax etc). Only when a user clicks the file name should a new page be loaded.

Users should be able to open and close file folders within the group file folder widget to see filenames.

I can give more details on request. Conditions:

  • Must be very Elgg experienced
  • You must be able to start immediately and give a quick assessment of time and cost for this task
  • I have more work available for experienced Elgg programmers if this goes well

The two plugins are Widget Manager and File Tools. Elgg version is 2.2

My time zone is CEST (Europe). English speakers.

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Professional Services

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