Unable to dublicate install

I m unable to dublicate installation...its showing application error 500, after doing every thing except uploading sql file.I m unable to import sql file it's showing failed.
I m doing this on 000webhostweb.com
.Please any one can do it for me..? All my elgg files data and sql files are there . I will provide you my login details.please help.

  • If you have not yet added the database, the error 500 is most likely caused by the Elgg engine not being able to establish a database connection. Without the database the site duplication is not complete and it won't work.

    My suggestion: as I understand you have set up an Elgg installation locally on your computer that you now want to migrate on your server at 000webhostweb.com. How about duplicate the local installation first on your local computer? Just to learn how to get it working. Some basic knowledge about backup/restore of a database is necessary not only for migrating the site now but it will also be useful in case something goes wrong at any later time and you would need to restore the site database to fix the problem.

    There are many instructions on how to backup and restore a database to be found on the Internet. Just google it. How to do it best depends on what options you have avalialble on 000webhostweb.com for maintaining databases. If you have for example phpMyAdmin available, you can use it for the backups on the server. Then you could install phpMyAdmin also on your local computer and make backups of a database and restore it or use the database backup for migration to the server. Or maybe you have other options. You just need to learn how to use them which shouldn't be impossible with some already available instructions to be found on the Internet (not necessarily Elgg-specific as mysql database handling is basicallly the same with any kind of mysql database).

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