cron giving error

Hello I have set up the cron as suggested and when it runs it gives me the error

 /bin/sh: $LWPR: command not found

Location of lwp-request is correct and GET is installed

the call is:  GET="$LWPR -m GET -d"

I changed it to GET='/usr/bin/wget --output-document=/dev/null'  and it seems to be working but I will let it run for a while and see tomorrow. I have to say I am not sure I want cron's running every minute I will have to see what resources are being used although it doesn't appear to take much now as there really isn't much for it to run



  • Minute cron is used to send notifications. You can run it at any interval, but the notifications will be delayed for your users. Also some plugins might be relying on minute cron to do their thing. Any decent host should be able to handle one request each minute, IMO.

  • I have my own VDR (Virtual Dedicated Resources) and divide them into two servers, one for elgg and one for my other sites. I have allotted 2gb ram, 1gb swap and 2cpu's (2.4ghz) for elgg and can alter more if necessary so I am not that worried about resources. As it is I just checked my server and all seems well. I will leave it as is.

  • Just thought I would mention, when I place the elgg cron setup in my webserver/control panel "admin" cron file it causes errors in other cronjobs but when I place it in my server "root" cron file it works although there are no other jobs in that file so maybe it can be adjusted to work in "admin". Any ideas would be welcome