How and what files/folder to upload?

Hi...i m a new member.I have a question that i have made my elgg social networking site.I want to upload it to 000webhost but what folder or files i have to upload ? Currently i have installed elgg v2.3.3 on local host.
And also how to upload mysql data without loosing data.
Please help.
Tell me A-Z about it ..i m a beginner.

  • Hello, welcome to Elgg

    I've deleted the duplicate thread of this, please just make one post for a question to keep things organized.

    I'm not familiar with that host specifically, but all hosts will be pretty similar in that there is a directory that is the webroot - that is normally called public_html, but can be anything depending on the configuration of the server.  That's where you want to upload all of the elgg files (everything that is in the same directory as index.php).

    Somewhere else, not in that directory, but "above" it - which would not be accessible from the web you would upload the data directory.

    The database you would export from your localhost, then import it on the webserver.  There are multiple ways to do this, and it depends on the configuration and what tools you have available.  Assuming you have command line access it could be something like:

    mysqldump -u{username} -p {database_name} > database.sql

    Then you can upload the database.sql to the webserver and import it

    mysql -u{username} -p {database_name} < database.sql

    Then you need to go in and update some entries to match the new environment.

    Again, what these values are is dependent on the server configuration.  That's as specific as I can be.

    Make sure you read the documentation:


  • Thank you Matt for your reply. But i was asking that which folder in my elgg (on my drive) i have to upload to web server... i.e- the "sites" folder and "data" folder or both ...or anything else......
    And i m using xampp .
    And elgg version is 2.3.3

  • @Anshul,

    have you read the link Matt provided ( as that article covers everything you need to know when moving/duplicating your Elgg installation. This includes which folders/files you need to copy

  • I read it but only one thing is not clear that which folder i have to upload...the "sites" or "data" or both .....and also while hosting there are 2-3 folders plz help ...
    And will i be able to use admin area and edit something or install plugins same as i do by using local host??

  • Put your data outside the public root.
    /sites/username/public_html/elgg/index.php would be the www index. Put data outside of public_html, i.e. /sites/username/elggdata/

  • Ohk...i understood....Thank you so much Ismayil. :)

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