Strange Diamond Character Appears between Characters

I am trying to add a static page to my site. I finally got it to mostly work except there is a strange "diamond with a question mark in it" character that appears between each character in the file.

I followed the instructions on the discussion group for creating a static page ( and the file that provides the body of the page is nothing but simple html in a php file. 

Has anyone else has a problem like this OR any ideas for how to fix it?

  • I've seen this problem before ( another post ) longish time ago.. I then had thought I had about 50% solution, then the issue seemed to be forgotten.. at one of my test elgg sites ( - you can see the same diamond question marks. That came from ( I 1/2 forget ) from something I cut/paste from some file emailed to me. On the original document, the chars look ok, but when cut/paste into the html -- boom !!! I left the funny chars there to remind myself to look into this later...

  • Those chars are usually caused by an encoding mismatch..

    What text editor are you using? Can you check the document type?

    Try saving the page as UTF-8 and see if they don't go away.. Those little marks may be what are called boms..