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I intend to create static pages to display photos and descriptions in an order. I have used the menu-item plugin in v1.10. to create menus are the top side of the page . How can I create the pages and link to url. Thanks

  • Not like I love only old things hahahahahahahha. You know there might be need for features that an old installation offers. Guys , I appeal to you to publish detailed and simple tutorials on elgg framework and how to update plugins. That will encourage me to devote time to upgrading all those old and abandoned plugins

  • Thank you Steve. I followed hello_word and created the page but I still do not know how to put the embed code. I tried putting it in star.php but it gave an error. Do you have any other ideas?
  • I would also like to have knowledge to update old and abandoned plugins
  • In my opinion the docs of Elgg contain sufficient information on how to update plugins to work on newer Elgg versions. But they are not meant as a basic course in learning to code. You need some basic knowledge in coding in php (Javascript, html, css, jquery is helpful, too) to be able to code an Elgg plugin in the first place. With the basic knowledge (there are many places to gain this knowledge on the Internet or just buy some books) you can learn about the Elgg API on the docs pages and tutorials of Elgg to be able to code an Elgg plugin and also how to update a plugin. Creating/updating an Elgg plugin is no magic. But you also can't expect that you can gain that knowledge in just a few minutes/days and then be an expert.

Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

This space is for newcomers, who wish to build a new plugin or to customize an existing one to their liking