[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: iZAP Videos - revised edition by iionly] not working for youtube

I set the permissions and input my api key in settings and when I click save to embed an offserver video from youtube it shows in red the name and info from youtube in the upper right corner but it does not make the video available on elgg. In my credentials list at google it shows an error is happening but it doesn't say what. I  tried a vimeo and a dailymotion video and it works so the problem is with the youtube input. Yes my key is appropriate, i tried my key with another video plugin and it worked to show and play the video but it crashed elgg when I tried to go to activity or login as another user so I uninstalled it and would prefer this one.  Any thoughts on this? 

  • Don't know why but it is working now..great plugin

  • The plugin stopped working for youtube again. It was working last night and I linked to 3 videos which all work but this morning I have been trying to link to a youtube video and it won't work. It works for vimeo. For a while it has just shown all the text from youtube in red when I click save, but no video. I have tried to change the app to only be used from my domain but put it back to ip address of my site as was working before. I also have uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled it to no avail. Any ideas?

  • I tried a few different youtube videos and they work so is it possible that some youtube videos can't be shared?

  • The uploader of a video at youtube can prevent the video from getting embedded on other sites. Also, copyright holders (e.g. of background music) can block embedding without the uploader being able to do anything. Apart from a complete blocking the embedding completely it's also possible to whitelist/blacklist embedding for certain domains.

    I'm afraid if a youtube video can't be added while it still works fine for other youtube videos it's not a problem with the API but just the embedding as such is prevented for this video.