I want help in how to add a rating to the content published in the blog

I want help in how to add a rating to the content published in the blog

For example during add blog post Defines the section where the topic is covered such as news / entertainment / technology


  • Sorry. But what do you expect? It's now the 3rd time you ask the same. The first 2 times you got the recommendation to try the Categories plugin. Do you think it will be different now?

    You should have realized by now that there seems no existing plugin matching your requirements. Still, you haven't even given any indication what you are missing with the Categories plugin. Or haven't you even tried it?

    You seem unwilling to spend even a few minutes to explain in detail what exactly you have in mind. In each and every posting you just ask for the same in a one-sentence posting but then expect others first to spend time guessing what you even want or try getting any more detailed info from you. And then maybe even spent more time, hours, days - for free of course - to "help" you (more likely to code a ready-to-use plugin for your unspecific requirements).

    As I already told you the first time you asked me (by PM). Try the Categories plugin. And if it isn't exactly what you need, either modify it accordingly or hire a developer who does the job for you (and gets paid for it obviously). If you can't code it on your own but are willing to learn, you could ask specific questions if you're stuck (but NOT anything so generic as "I have nothing to start with and expect a ready-to-use plugin that has the features you can easily guess on your own").

    The group you post here is actually the place to ask for hired help / developers. Though I get the impression that you don't want to hire anyone. If so, you posted to the wrong group. If you want to hire someone, you might need to express this clearly.

  • I want to create Article Categories

  • And sorry for the inconvenience

  • For heavens sake, then use the Categories plugin. Period!

    And if the Categories plugin doesn't do exactly what you want then you need at least say what's missing. It doesn't help at all if you just repeat again and again the same 1-sentence posting without giving any more detailed explanation.

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