Hosting to advise?

Hello everybody,

I'm looking for a new hosting other than Arvixe (I stayed in Arvixe during 6 years) and A2 Hosting (I have been in A2 Hosting since 1 year). But since the month of March 2017, my site Elgg 1.9.7. hosted by A2 Hosting is often down. You can check here:

So the community could you help me? Please... Do you have a hosting to advise me?

Many thanks in advance.
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Billy Deylord

  • I don't think the hosting is the problem. You should try and identify what's causing the fatal errors first.

  • Thanks Ismayil for your answer.
    I don't know, I have not error_log file. It is the CPU of the database that is in over quota. And after the database is down.

  • Explore the feasibility of upgrading to 1.12, which should be straightforward and yield some performance gains. There are a lot more in 2.3, but that will be harder depending on your plugins.

  • Ok Steve. Thanks. I will try to upgrade.

  • I don't know if this is appropriate but the admins can delete it if not. I have had my hosting on impact via subnet for the last few years and they are simply the best service and value I have found for unmanaged vps or shared. Check out their prices and you will agree I am sure, and no I am not part of their team, just a very happy customer. You can check them out at the following link -> impactshared

  • Thanks Herb for the link.

  • DEYLORD, I just checked and impact has ELGG 2.3.3 in their script installers on the shared hosting although if you have a fair sized user base you may want to consider VPS, I use VDR4 (4cpu/4gb ram/45gb disk space/2TB bandwidth per month) and if I can get enough interest in my ELGG site I will move to VDR 8 later this year but if you can get away with shared, shared20 is 5.00 per month. i switched to VPS because I was getting over 70,000 visitors a day for a while and needed the extra headroom.

  • Fatal error in exception handler. Check log for Exception #1495685665

    No, that's not A2 Hosting, that's an error with your site. Did you recently enable a plugin, theme or made any code modifications?


    It is the CPU of the database that is in over quota. And after the database is down.

    I don't think that's the problem, it is an elgg related problem. Talk with A2 Hosting tech support if you think this is the problem.

  • Thank you Herb for your experience.

    Thank you rjcalifornia for your reply. With A2 Hosting, phpMyAdmin is disabled since 4 days.
    I did not enable a plugin, theme or a code modifications. I just uploaded my database (9 Mb) and it crashed. I tried to upload the database via SSH but I had the error: "ERROR 1045 (28000): access denied for user".
    I contacted the support but they didn't give me a great answer to solve the problem. Currently, I want to leave A2 Hosting.