Default elgg homescreen/bookmark icon


Please, where do I find the default bookmarket/favourites icon in 1.12..? I am trying to replace it but cannot find it. I've found the icon used for bookmarklets, but I cannot find the default icon used when a visitor adds the elgg site to their homescreen or browser bookmarks/favourites. 

  • How please? Even if I change the image in the Aalborg graphics directory elgg overrides it somehow. Clearing browser caches & flushing elgg caches doesn't help either.

  • I am not talking about the e favicon. I am referring to the blue button with elgg written across it. Please see the Aalborg graphics folder. Even with the elgg button image deleted, replaced & renamed it still overrides even the named favicon images when bookmarking the elgg website.

    Only the homescreen works, by replacing & renaming it. 

    Please see to reproduce 

  • No I'm not talking about the header logo! I'm taking about the small blue icon with the word elgg written on it! 

    This cannot be overridden! 

    I have to duplicate topics because you reply then ignore the response.

    i suggest that if you don't want to bother reading the question in the first place DONT BOTHER AT ALL! 



  • Well. I'll not pay attention to your disrespect for people who want to help you and ask again:

    Where do you see this icon? Which Elgg version do you use? Which plugins and themes did you activated?

  • Homescreen icon on smartphones? mod/aalborg_theme/graphics/homescreen.png in Aalborg theme?

    This image is used in the function aalborg_theme_setup_head() registered for the 'head', 'page' plugin hook in Aalborg theme's start.php and nowhere else in the code of Elgg.

    Problem with changing the image is that the change won't take effect on already existing homescreen links created on smartphones because they won't check for any changes on the image but always display the image available at the time of creation of the link. If you want to check for changes in the images you need to re-create the link.

    Just replacing the image mod/aalborg_theme/graphics/homescreen.png is one way to change the image used (again: will not take effect for existing links). Other possibility is to unregister the plugin hook function aalborg_theme_setup_head and register your own handler function that provides the image to be used in your own plugin. Then you don't need to modify Elgg core code.

  • I know it won't change existing links. I have changed the homescreen.png image but had to rename it for it to work in part (I.e Apple home screens). I even tried changing & renaming the fav icons And I have cleared my browser caches as well as flushing the elgg caches.

    However, none of this has solved the issue.

    Somewhere, somehow, elgg may be creating the image on the fly. 

    @rvr my apologies, I'm so frustrated! but nb: elgg version is 1.12.

    The image is not provided by either the core or any plugin. It is not on my server nor referenced in any css or php. However, it exists. 

    To reproduce the issue, try adding to your browser bookmarks/favourites. You will see the precise icon image to which I refer.

    If you have an iPhone, add the website to your homescreen & you will see the icon which should be being used in your browser bookmarks/favourites. 

    I really do appreciate all your help, it may not seem it sometimes, but I think you are all amazing. I could not continue my mission without you. 

    Thank you for being there