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first of all I'm really happy with this plugin. I use it for the profile mainly.

But now all content of the dropdown boxes is gone and I'm not able to add these options to the form. The message is that all changes are saved, but opening the field definitions again, the values for the dropdown field are gone (not saved?).

I searched throug the plugin discussions, but I didn't find any information wether there my be some problem with other plugins installed in parallel nor any other hint that may help.

Please help me: What should I try to get it working again ??

Many thanks!!!!

  • You say "all content of the dropdown boxes is gone".

    So apparently at one point the data was visible and now it is not.

    What did you do in between?

  • Well Hi Kevin,

    well there was a lot of time between my last modification of the profile form and when I noticed (today) that the content of the dropdowns is gone.

    But the mysterious thing is that I'm not able to create it new. The field is existing with all information, but only the options (it should be 7) of the dropdown field is always empty when I open the field definition after I saved it.

    Do you have any idea what I should check first?

  • I created a new field now.

    When I have a look at the database (objects_entity table) , I can find the field name and description and lots of data rows that only habe a guid but no title and description.
    May that be part of the problem?

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Form and related plugins

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