Building a Blog Plugin

Hi there,

I'm following the tutorial to build a blog and I couldn't make it work. It fails at the first try at which for me is:


It does not actually show the adding form, but the plain code of it:

echo elgg_view_field([ '#type' => 'text', '#label' => elgg_echo('title'), 'name' => 'title', 'required' => true, ]); echo elgg_view_field([ '#type' => 'longtext', '#label' => elgg_echo('body'), 'name' => 'body', 'required' => true, ]); echo elgg_view_field([ '#type' => 'tags', '#label' => elgg_echo('tags'), '#help' => elgg_echo('tags:help'), 'name' => 'tags', ]); $submit = elgg_view_field(array( '#type' => 'submit', '#class' => 'elgg-foot', 'value' => elgg_echo('save'), )); elgg_set_form_footer($submit);

Any idea what I missed?

Thank you

Elgg version : Release - 2.2.0, Version - 2015062900

Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

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