site_notification not starting?

I changed out the site_notification plugin for another version I found on github and then changed it appears to be working but now at the top of my admin pages it said the following so if it happens to you maybe it will go back to normal as well :

site_notifications (guid: 30) cannot start and has been deactivated. Reason: Cannot include start.php for plugin site_notifications (guid: 30) at /home/admin/web/

  • Site Notification plugin is a bundled plugin that comes with Elgg. No need to replace it with any other version. On the contrary, you might even get issues when using another version.

    The error you get now is either caused by wrong file/folder permissions (i.e. the webserver can't read the files). Or you have restored the plugin files wrong (start.php should be mod/site_notifications/start.php and not at mod/site_notifications/site_notifications/start.php - and the same relative location with regards to start.php for all other files of the plugin).

    The original reason the site notifications might have failed to be sent could be that you haven't set up the cronjobs Elgg needs ( In this case the "minute" cron job, as site notifications are not sent immediately but on a 1 minute schedule.